Multifocal lens provides solution for both distance and near vision problems at the same time. They are minimized lenses localized inside eyes for near and distance Glasses-Wearer. Their special structural characteristics are giving more focus ability. So patients do not need to use glasses in both distance and near vision problems.

In addition to Minimizing dependence on near distance glasses, the other advantage of the lens is the ability to undergo cataract surgery at the same session to be able to solve near and distance vision problem. This operation shall be applied taking into consideration patient’s expectation and lifestyle. After making the required tests, the structure of the patient’s eye, pupil size and other parameters that evaluate the eligibility for operation should be determined.

To whom Multifocal Lenses are applicable?

It is applicable to almost all cataract patients. At the same time it can also be applied to patients with high hyperopic or myopic who are not suitable for excimer laser surgery.

Tips for Cataract Patients:

In order for the patient to have a single life-long Operation, patient’s expectations must be discussed with doctors. For example, if a car driver patient chooses to correct distance vision only, the vision for car control panel and speedometer might be uncomfortable. Painters, drivers, musicians and housewives patients who are suffering from middle and near vision difficulties, their quality of life might be negatively affected.

As a result, patient’s daily habits like reading books, hand jobs, occupations, computer use, and social activities are very valuable. Accordingly, it is necessary to talk about all aspects and how the patient wants the vision to be with surgeon before the operation.